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  • 12 Pound Solid Shot

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    12 Pound Solid Shot -

    DIAMETER: 4.50 inches

    GUN: 12-pounder smoothbore, 4.62-inch caliber

    LENGTH: 5 1/8 inches including sabot

    WEIGHT: 12 pounds 5 ounces

    CONSTRUCTION: Solid shot

    SABOT: Wooden cup (missing)

    FUZING: None

    This excellent condition artillery shot was an early battlefield picked up example and is non-excavated.  This is the most common sold shot projectile of any caliber used during the Civil War by both Federal and Confederate forces.  The ball would have been secured to the sabot by two crossed iron straps nailed to the wooden cup.  The cartridge bag or powder bag would have been tied to the groove cut into the base of the sabot.  After attachment of the powder charge, the round was referred to as fixed ammunition. 

    Inventory Number: ART 121