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  • 1865 Dated Ames Model 1860 Light Cavalry Saber

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    1865 Dated Ames Model 1860 Light Cavalry Saber - This edged weapon is a classic, Civil War Federal saber that was referred to as the "light cavalry" saber by the US Ordnance Department. Weighing just less than four pounds, the slightly curved blade measures 34½" long with a width of 1 1/16", a wide fuller of 27½" and a narrow fuller of 19" long. Marked on the reverse ricasso of the blade is the maker's address and reads "Made By / AMES MFG Co / CHICOPEE  " in block style letters. Obverse of the ricasso shows the clear government stampings of "U S / J.C.W. / 1865."

    The strong steel blade is tight and straight.  The symmetrical, two-branch brass hilt is in very good condition with no bends or breaks and wears a mellow dark bronze patina overall. Center-swelled, grooved and corded wooden handle is covered with black bridal leather. Grips have their original thin, double twisted brass wire that is wound around the handle. Brass wire is good. Cavalry saber is fitted with a brass pommel cap of the Phrygian design, common on all M1860 sabers. Pommel brim exhibits the inspector marks "118" on the end of the brim.

    Strong, steel scabbard is unadorned and has acquired a smooth and dark plum colored patina  overall. Sword mounts are tight and retain the original suspension sword rings.  Scabbard is undented and the drag shows no inspector stamps.  This is a fine piece and would fit into any Civil War saber collection or cavalry display.

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