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    Civil War Major's Grouping - Excellent condition crimson silk sash, pair of double bordered shoulder bars with "tie-down" straps, and pair of Civil War officer's gauntlets.  

    This superior example of a Civil War period officer’s regulation crimson, silk sash is in excellent condition.  Worn by Federal officers in most of the branches of the United States Army, this waist sash was a common uniform accoutrement that signified a symbol of authority in the military during both field operations and camp duty.  The sash, when worn over the frock coat, was wrapped twice around the waist and looped on the left side.  The officer's leather sword belt was then worn over the sash.  The tassels, at each end of the sash, are in excellent condition, as is the entire body of the sash, retaining wonderful color.  The shoulder bars are a rich quality with double border gilt bullion embroidered edges. The oak leaves are gold indicating major, the field is a beautiful deep midnight blue velvet.  The gauntlets are very sound and supple with no damage.  These are almost impossible to find in good condition.  This is a fine major's grouping and would enhance any collection.

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