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  • Confederate 1/6th Plate Ambrotype Enlistedman

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    Confederate 1/6th Plate Ambrotype Enlistedman - Bearded enlistedman wears Colombus Depo shell jacket with dark facings on cuffs and collar.  Wearing a cartridge box which is not adorned with a breast plate.  He also wears a cap box on his belt and a US plate.  He holds a model 1816 musket with bayonet and wears a kepi on his head.  Housed in a very ornate near mint gutta percha case.  Exterior of case has intricate harvest scene, depicting stalks of corn, bundles of wheat, an anvil and tool, rake, plow.  Nicely detailed.  Left interior of case is lined with velvet.  A very fine Confederate image. 

    Inventory Number: HAR 083