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  • Confederate Bowie Knife

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    Confederate Bowie Knife - This bowie measures 18 1/2" overall.   A superb example of a large "D" Guard bowie recently acquired after decades of ownership.  This example exhibits a lathe turned wood grip with bulbous swell and  a pronounced clip point.  Blade measures 11 3/4" in length and was fashioned from a file or rasp and a portion of the original marking is visible at the base of the blade.  This example is accompanied by its original brown leather sheath with a faint inscription which was discovered while listing this item.  The inscription reads in part "Presented from G" and could be deciphered further with some effort. the reverse of the scabbard exhibits a belt a belt loop for securing to a waistbelt.   They were very popular with Confederate soldiers during the Civil War, a truly fine example of such a knife. 

    Inventory Number: EDG 011