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  • Confederate Inscribed Bible- Dated 1837

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    Confederate Inscribed Bible- Dated 1837 - inscribed to "James B. Burpee'' of the 3rd Georgia regiment.  This Bible was also owned by W. Atlee Burpee who was James' 2nd cousin.  W. Atlee (from Philadelphia) was the founder of "Burpee Seed Company" in the late 1800's and it is still going strong today.  When W. Atlee dies, he was worth $1.2 Million (this was early 1900's).  The Bible originally was owned by David Burpee - W. Atlee's father (Civil War Union Surgeon), Grandfather (Judge), and great Grandfather were all named David.  Great history (Confederate soldier most likely used during service since he had his unit number in it, founder of the world famous company, plus printed in 1837 England).  Nice hand colored "Sheffield" page - Sheffield is where the Burpee's lived at one time in New Brunswick Canada.  (James the Confederate was actually born in Vermont). 

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