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  • Confederate Jouranal Identified to John Hamilton

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    Confederate Journal - Leather bound journal with incredible entries listing Battles, Skirmishes, and other Historic Events.  The content of this journal is extremely detailed and likely kept as a running account of engagements of the war.  Originated in North Carolina. 

    First entry reads:

    "John Hamiltons Book  containing the acct & settlement of the estate of James M. Dum (decd.)


    a memorandum of John Bazels estate

    a short acct also of most of the Battles / Between the confederate army & the / Grand army of Abolition Legion / under the great long armed lantern / jawed herring bellied emperor old AB / the tool & foot Ball of that notorious / God forsaken & hell deserving Seward / the prince of devils"

    Contains great battle content and excellent descriptions of battles the first battle entry dated, "May 10th 1861, Alexandria, Marrs Company Rifles."

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