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  • Drachm Apothecary Drug Scale & Jewler's Gold Scale

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    Civil War Era - Drachm Apothecary Drug Scale & Jeweler's Gold Scale &  - Circa 1849-1860's. Excellent condition hand-held balance scale with original case.  Lid of the case is chased in gold leaf with an embossed American Eagle in the center.  The gold velvet lined case retains the brass scales, complete with its original cording.  The balance beam measures about 4 3/8" long, and there are two brass pans that measure about 1 7/8" each.  Original ā€œ3iā€  or 1 drachm weight is present.  Possibly used by a field doctor, early pharmacist, or to weight gold and silver.

    Inventory Number: MIS 006