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  • Gettysburg 50th Reunion Souvenir Canteen Pendent

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    Gettysburg 50th Anniversary Souvenir Canteen - 1913 Souvenir, Battle Of Gettysburg 50th Anniversary.  Stunning little pendant in the shape of a US Civil War canteen, which is about 1" diameter, and has an inverted v-shaped suspension bar connected to the canteen strap rings on either side of the canteen, with a jump ring at the top.  Suspended from original gutta percha hanger device, with pin bar on reverse.  Pin bar measures approximately 1 1/4" x 1/4".  Gold washed brass construction.  The obverse of the canteen has in raised relief letters:  "GETTYSBURG" and on the reverse in raised relief letters is "U.S.", in the style of letters as would have been stenciled onto the canteen's wool cover.  Has a small push on the US side.  Superb and gorgeous souvenir of that famous battle which will be the highlight of any Civil War collection.  Condition Excellent.

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