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  • Signed Kentucky Rifle with Eagle

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    Signed Kentucky Rifle with Eagle - Nicely detailed Federal Eagle carved on the stock with original flintlock makers signature on barrel "W. M." remainder of the name could be discernable with some effort.  There are some light vise abrasions toward the end of the name, which does not obscure the text.   The lock plate bears the marking of, "Wood, Folger, and Messer," of New York.  This flintlock weapon was converted to percussion in the 1850s.  Retains original ramrod.  Barrel measures 36 1/2 inches and rifle measures 53 inches overall.  The nipple appears to have been replaced at some point.  The buttplate is crescent shaped with cutout for patchbox.  A fine example of an early American signed rifle with patriotic eagle!  A very reasonably priced example of an early American rifle.   

    The long rifle, also known as longrifle, Kentucky rifle, or Pennsylvania rifle, was one of the first commonly used rifles for hunting and warfare.  It is characterized by an unusually long barrel, which is widely believed to be a largely unique development of American rifles that was uncommon in European rifles of the same period.

    Long Rifles were the most common weapon used throughout the American Civil War. These muzzle loading rifles were inexpensive, durable and accurate, with an experienced shooter they could be accurate to 600 yards. Many long rifles were manufactured in America, most by the Springfield Arms Co. located in Massachusetts and some made by private contractor’s. Both the Northern and Southern Governments relied heavily on European Imports especially British Imported Enfield rifles with approximately 900,000 being imported. Considered by most to be the finest weapon at the outbreak of the war with its rifled barrel and Pritchett Minie ball design.

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