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  • Meade Post G.A.R. Medal

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    Meade Post G.A.R. Medal - Outstanding detail of Old Baldy and the motto: "Gettysburg to Appomattox".  Medallion bears the bust of General George Gordon Meade.   The top bar shows the head of Meade’s horse “Old Baldy”.  Above Old Baldy's head is a spread winged eagle.  A scroll on either side reads “GETTYSBURG” while the other reads “APPOMATTOX.” The rest of the decorations are horse shoes, crossed rifles and crossed cannons as well as an anchor.  At bottom in small letters is “CHARTERED OCT. 18th, 1866.”  A royal blue ribbon with embroidered GAR and the numeral 1 at center and “MEADE POST PHILADELPHIA.” is attached to the pin.  The medal has bust of Meade at center and “GEORGE G. MEADE POST NO. 1 DEPARTMENT OF PENNSYLVANIA GAR” around the rim on obverse. Reverse has enlisted man’s waist belt and buckle. The buckle is inscribed “UNA PATRIAUNUMVEXILLUM.” (One Country, One Flag). Very nice condition.

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