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  • Medical Staff Officer's Sword

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    Model 1840 Medical Staff Officer's Sword - style designated for use by the Surgeon General and U.S. Medical Department.   Adopted in 1840 and officially known as the Model 1840, this style medical staff sword remained as the regulation weapon for all medical officers of the United States Army for the next 62 years.  M1840s were European in origin, imported by Horstmann for US sales and marked 'M.S.' for Medical Service. 

    This sword is in very good condition and has a straight, double-edged, evenly tapered, diamond-shape blade that exhibits a  decorated, floral design etching on both flats.  Blade exhibits a semi-bright sheen.  Reverse flat shows the spreadwinged eagle in the center flanked with floral designs and military motifs. Obverse flat same except for the letters “W H. HORSTMANN & SONS PHILADELPHIA". 

    The ornate hilt is gilded with highly detailed cast brass and is in three parts; grip, pommel and guard.  Both sides of the grip are cast and show an embossed oval medallion with an American spreadwinged eagle.  The guard consists of two graceful quillons decorated with leaf motifs, in addition to two shield devices, one of the obverse and another on the reverse side of the hilt.  The reverse shield is plain with raised borders while the obverse shield bears the letters “M S” (Medical Service) in old English script.

    The steel metal scabbard has a decorative upper band which exhibits geometric and floral designs.  This band retains two suspension rings at either side while below this band is another longer band, similarly decorated with only one suspension ring.  Drag is decorated in high relief with standard oak leaf floral designs on both sides.  All brass on the sword and scabbard wears a mellow bronze patina overall.

    In very good overall condition, this medical sword with its scabbard is a great collectible that would highlight any sword collection or medical grouping.   

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