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    Presentation Spurs - Wonderful set of matching sand-cast officer's spurs with original linen tag with old ink presentation by the surgeon of the 9th NYSM and 83rd New York Infantry to a member of the 5th Connecticut Infantry. 

    "These spurs were presented to me

    By Surgeon Howard Pinckney

    of Ninth New York State militia

    after driving his horse from

    Washington, D.C. to the General

    Hospital, Frederick City, Md. Sept.

    29, 30. 1862.  Thirteen days after the

    Battle of Antietam prior to which

    time the Confederates had departed

    from Frederick.

    Henry E. Rhoades"

    Howard Pinckney"

     Residence was not listed; 25 years old.

     Enlisted on 5/27/1861 at New York City, NY as a Asst Surgeon.

     On 5/27/1861 he was commissioned into Field & Staff NY 83rd Infantry

    He was discharged on 12/29/1862

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