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  • Revolutionary War Officer's Spurs

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    Revolutionary War Officer's Spurs Ca. 18th Century.  Sheffield silver plated, rarely seen with the original leather.  See collector's encyclopedia of the American Revolution by George Neumann and Frank Kravic page 249.  These outstanding, early American Spurs have a small but exceptionally sharp pointed Rowels.  These are simple and delicate spurs but the mechanical elements are exceptionally well crafted.
    Each spur has a single, stationary stud, each end of the yoke with hinged chaps attaching the buckles to the terminal stud on one side (this is a typical form for spurs of the late 18th century period).  The yoke is bevel edged and the elements of the spurs are finely crafted, hand-forged iron.  This outstanding pair of early American Spurs are in original condition with only very light actual surface wear and some appropriate light surface patina oxidation.  A truly rare example of early American history.

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