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  • Scarce Gilles Mariette Pepperbox

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    Scarce Gilles Mariette Pepperbox - .36 Caliber ring-trigger pepperbox revolver, manufactured by Gilles Mariette, an arms manufacturer in Cheratte, Belgium, patented the cluster revolver (pepperbox) with double action in 1837.  This percussion-era weapon is distinguished by its multiple rotating barrel design.  Its barrels, instead of being bored from a single block, were screwed separately onto individual chambers milled into a rotating breechblock.   Beautiful Belgian Pepperbox with six-bbl cluster. Bbls are damascus and individually mounted into the rotating wheel and are numbered 1-5, the 6th "C".  It has highly figured bag-shaped walnut grips and a ring trigger. Frame is nicely engraved in foliate arabesque patterns which also extend down the backstrap.

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