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  • Speech of General James Longstreet

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    Speech of General James Longstreet - Great content! Speech is typed with annotations in the general's hand.  This was one of approximately 30 letters/documents that we purchased from the Longstreet collection.   To the left of the speech is a steel engraving from a period newspaper, and below this image is a clip signature from Longstreet, " Yours Truly / James Longstreet"  Framed and nicely displayed frame measures 21 1/8" x 15", this would surely make an excellent center piece!

    Letter reads as follows:

    "The prowess, personal courage integrity, sacrifice and suffering of the Confederate soldier have been honored in song and story and enduring marble, while we have been all to unmindful of the source of his unsurpassed strength.  He was born of heroic mothers.  Wife and mothers and maidens cheering husband and son and sweetheart to the volley of Fort Sumter, accepted for themselves the privations and hardships of the war home of the Confederacy, and their prayers and love and tears were a potent force to hold the southern armies in the field for four years.  To the women of the south must history yield the palm of sacrifice and brave endurance whose heritage is priceless to me of this and all generations.  I trust that I shall be spared to see the erection of a grand monument on one of the battlefields of the south to the women of the southern Confederacy --- Matchless in courage and matchless in the philosophy of valor --- whose heroism nerved the southern soldier to victory and comforted him in defeat.

                James Longstreet

    Washington, D.C.

        May 17th, 1900"

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