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  • The Last Hours of Abraham Lincoln

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    The Last Hours of Abraham Lincoln - Carte De Visite image of the "Death Bed of Lincoln".  This depicts President Lincoln on his deathbed surrounded by a large group of people including Robert Todd Lincoln, Mary Todd Lincoln, Clara Harris, Henry Rathbone, Edwin Stanton, and Andrew Johnson.  Artist and engraver John B. Bachelder of Washington, D.C., arranged for everyone who visited the dying president to have their photographs taken at Mathew Brady's Studio.  The ten-by-fifteen-foot room in which Lincoln lay dying was large enough to be filled with almost as many doctors who later claimed to be there.  Of the nine actually in attendance, Dr. Charles Liebermann, a Russian-born Jewish ophthalmologist and a leading Washington physician, is prominently featured here, gazing intently at the president.  Liebermann had attended at Lincoln's deathbed throughout the nine-hour coma.

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