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  • The Story of the Guns by Sir James Emerson Tennent

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    The Story of the Guns - Rare book describing the invention, construction and improvements of English firearms and cartridges, such as the Enfield and Whitworth rifles.  Book contains numerous detailed engravings of the cartridges, rounds and firearms.  A must have original reference containing a plethora of detailed information regarding the inventors, patents, improvements, accuracy and other information on the Whitworth rifle, Enfield Rifle-musket, etc..  Written by Sir James Emerson Tennent, published, "LONDON: / LONGMAN, GREEN, LONGMAN, ROBERTS 7 GREEN. / 1864".   Contains an ink inscription, "Ashburnham April 1864"  and stamped, "W. H. SMITH & SON / 186 / STRAND / LONDON".

    Sir James Emerson Tennent, 1st Baronet FRS, born James Emerson, was a British politician and traveler born in Ireland. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society on 5 June 1862.

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