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  • U.S. Model 1855 Bayonet

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    U.S. Model  1855  Bayonet - .58 Caliber Socket Bayonet.  Dating from 1855-1865.  Excellent example, "U.S." marked. 

    During the American Civil War, over 1,000,000 US Model 1855, .58 Caliber Socket Bayonets were produced by the Springfield Armory and another two-dozen contractors. The large majority of these bayonets bear no distinguishing markings to determine who manufactured them.  The Model 1855 saw more action in the Civil War then most other bayonets of the period combined. They are typically American in design in that they do not have a blade "shoulder" and have deep fullers, whereas British bayonets of the period had a shoulder and had shallow fullers that stopped at the shoulder of the blade.

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