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  • 1862 State Of North Carolina 25 Cent Confederate Currency Note

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    1862 State of North Carolina 25 Cent Confederate Currency Note - This 25-cent note shows Ceres, the Roman goddess of agriculture — the centerpiece, of course, of the Southern economy.  Ceres is dressed in classic Greek or Roman attire, this kind of pose was a reminder of the Revolutionary era, when artists used Greek and Roman themes to portray classical virtues. By looking back to the American Revolution, the newly independent South tried to invoke its spirit (and its success).

    The Confederate State of North Carolina issued currency during the years 1861, 1862, 1863 and 1864. The most recent state currency issue prior to this were the Colonial banknotes issued during the 18th century. Many North Carolina banks also issued currency during this period.

    Many of the North Carolina banknotes are similar to period issues from other Confederate States; this is not surprising, as the North Carolina banknotes were printed by many of the same printers that were used by other states.

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