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  • 61st Massachettets Volunteer Association Badge

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    61st Massachettets Volunteer Association Badge - Face of the top of the bar is inscribed in script writing with the name, "H. Burr Crandall".  The back of the top bar has a pin hanger a US flag ribbon is suspended from the bar.  Suspended by links from the top bar in front of the US flag ribbon is a Maltese shaped drop cross with the following "61st Mass.", "VOL. INFTY"  "ASSN".  Very nice condition. 

    The 61st Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry was an infantry regiment raised for one year's service in the Union Army during the American Civil War from 1864 to 1865.  The 61st Regiment consisted of 41 officers (including line officers) and 966 enlisted men.  Twenty-three men died during their term of service, 17 of them by disease. One officer and 5 enlisted were killed in battle, or died from their wounds.

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