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  • "A Thrilling History" Account of the Escape at Libby Prison by Captain Frank E. Moran

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    A Thrilling History - Inventory Number: HIS 084

    “A Thrilling History”

    Account of the Escape at Libby Prison

    Captain Frank E. Moran

    Formerly Captain of Company H,

    Seventy-third New York Volunteers.

    In a former article in “The Weekly Times”, the writer gave a chapter of the humorous features in Libby Prison life while he was a captive within its walls in 1863 and 1864. It is designed in the present paper to review the interesting particulars of the famous tunnel escape of 1864, which forms one of the most memorable and remarkable episodes in the history of the famous prison of the South. The bold plan of escaping from Libby by digging a tunnel was conceived by Colonel Thomas E. Rose, of the Seventy-seventh Pennsylvania Regiment, in November, 1863, and he was the director and supervisor of this perilous and ingenious work throughout. He was a brainy, cool and intrepid man, whom nature had coined for just such a daring enterprise, possessing in an eminent degree the cardinal qualities of a true soldier, and in the face of whatever danger or impediment was ever patient, discreet and dauntless.

    Inventory Number: HIS 084