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Advance the Colors! Pennsylvania Civil War Battle Flags


Pennsylvania Civil War Battle Flags "Advance The Colors" Volume 1  - This book is one-of-kind history of Pennsylvania state battle flags, chronicles, and the Capitol Preservation Committee's flag restoration project. Included in the hardcover are capsule regimental histories, bibliographies, color photographs, black and white photographs, maps, and appendices. Volume 1 begins with the 11th PA Infantry Regiment and continues through the 87th PA Infantry Regiment.

Copyrighted 1987 by The Capital Preservation Committee, Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania Ca. 1987 to 1991

Vol. 1 is a Library De-Ascension

  • Hardcover
  • Publisher: Capitol Preservation Committee (1987)
  • ISBN: 0-8182-0090-1
  • Inventory Number: BOO 050