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    Advertisement for Schuyler, Hartley, & Graham - Schuyler, Hartley & Graham was the largest firearm dealer in the United States in 1860.  Advertisement features military motifs surrounding, "SCHUYLER, HARTLEY, & GRAHAM / 19 MAIDEN LANE AND 22 JOHN STREET / NEW -YORK, / 31 RUE du CHATEAU DEAU / PARIS, SANDS STREET / BIRMINGHAM / ENGLAND / IMPORTERS & MANUFACTURERES / OF / MILITARY GOODS / GUNS AND PISTOLS / AND / FANCY GOODS."  Nicely framed and ready to enhance any display.  Frame measures 19 3/8" x 16".    

    The partnership of Schuyler, Hartley & Graham worked out of New York and had been founded in 1854 by Jacob Schuyler, Marcellus Hartley, & Malcom Graham. The founders took advantage of the Civil War to quickly grow their business. They recognized the potential for a long war and quickly began brokering supplies from Europe for Federal and state governments. The trio supplied everything from cannons to camp supplies and formed the foundation for a booming post war business.

    Jacob Rutsen Schuyler (1816-1887), Marcellus Hartley (1828-1902) and Malcolm Graham (1832-1899) incorporated their company on March 1, 1854.  In 1876 Schuyler retired from the company and by 1880 they changed the name to Hartley and Graham.  Schuyler died in 1887.Malcolm Graham died in December 1899 and the company was reincorporated as M. Hartley Company. Marcellus Hartley died on January 8, 1902.

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