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  • Berdan's Sharpshooters Muster Roll

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    Berdan's Sharpshooters Muster Roll - Company F, 1st United States Sharp Shooters - Muster Roll of Captain Edmund Weston Jr. Company F, of the first Regiment of Sharp Shooters, Army of the United States, Colonel Hiram Berdan, from the twenty-eighth day of February 1862, when last mustered, to the thirteenth day of April 1862."  Document is double sided and attractively housed in protective sleeve. Total dimensions are about 23" x 33" actual 21" x 31". 

    The first regiment of volunteers began service in late November 1861. During their service, they fought in every Eastern battle up until autumn of 1864. During their tour, the Sharpshooters were noted for efficient service in the battles of Yorktown, Gettysburg, Vicksburg, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Spotsylvania and Petersburg.


    American Civil War

    Peninsula Campaign

    Battle of Williamsburg

    Battle of Hanover Court House

    Seven Days Battles

    Battle of Mechanicsville

    Battle of White Oak Swamp

    Battle of Malvern Hill

    Second Battle of Bull Run

    Battle of South Mountain

    Battle of Antietam

    Battle of Fredericksburg

    Chancellorsville Campaign

    Battle of Chancellorsville

    Battle of Gettysburg

    Bristoe Campaign

    Second Battle of Auburn

    Battle of Bristoe Station

    Second Battle of Rappahannock Station

    Battle of Mine Run

    Battle of the Wilderness

    Battle of Spotsylvania Court House

    Battle of Cold Harbor

    Siege of Petersburg

    Hiram C. Berdan was the founder of the Sharpshooters. Berdan was born in the town of Phelps, New York, on September 6, 1824. Not only was Berdan a military officer in the Civil War and creator of the Sharpshooters regiment, he was also an American mechanical engineer and creative inventor. Some of Berdan's inventions included the Berdan rifle (a repeating rifle) and the Berdan center fire primer, a range finder torpedo boat for evading torpedo nets during and after the Civil War. Berdan also developed the first commercial gold amalgamation machine to separate gold from ore. Berdan was also known for being an amateur champion marksman in the United States. Berdan's interest in rifles and shooting led him to the idea of creating a regiment full of men who all had notable shooting skills: the Sharpshooters. On November 30, 1861, Berdan was named colonel of both the first and second Sharpshooter regiments. After serving for three years, Berdan resigned his position as colonel on November 30, 1864, in order to return to his life as a mechanical engineer and inventor. Berdan died on March 31, 1893, and was buried in the Arlington National Cemetery.

    Edmund Weston, Jr:

    Residence Randolph VT;

    Enlisted on 8/15/1861 as a Captain.

    On 9/13/1861 he was commissioned into "F" Co.

    US Volunteers 1st SharpShooters

    He Resigned on 8/2/1862

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