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  • Cadet Model 1855 Springfield Rifle-Musket

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    Rare Civil War Era Single-shot Muzzleloader - Only 2,500 made!  .58 caliber Springfield Cadet Model 1855 percussion rifle-musket.  This longarm is identical in configuration to the Model 1855 Rifle-Musket but slightly smaller with a 38” long barrel and a shorter.  Barrel has three-groove rifling and is secured to the stock with three-barrel bands and band springs.  All furniture is iron including the lockplate, hammer, bolster, buttplate, triggerguard,nose cap, swivels and ramrod.   All metal wears a brown patina.  Lockplate stampings very sharp and clear and show the large spread winged eagle on the front-hinged primer door with the date “1859” clearly stamped behind the large spur hammer.

    Beveled lockplate is fitted with a C-shaped hammer and the Maynard tape priming system. System employed a waterproof paper tape of percussion caps inserted into the primer magazine that set a cap unto the nipple when the hammer was pulled back and trigger pulled.  The tape priming system mechanics are strong and work smoothly.  Hammer has a knife-edge lip that severed the expended portion of the tape.  Musket has a model 1855 pattern sight deemed the 1858 variant.

    A government arsenal product from Springfield, Massachusetts, this longarm was one of only 2,500 units that were produced between 1858 and 1860.  When the Cadet is placed beside the full size Musket, the measurements are the same from the nose (front corner of comb) to the lower barrel band.  Above and below those points it differs as does the spacing between bands. Original nipple and bolster. Mechanics crisp and tight.  Proof marks “V / P / eagle head” on barrel’s left facet.  Bore is good.  The steel, swelled-shank, tulip-head ramrod is original and retains its threaded tip. All barrel bands are original and secured to the stock via flat iron springs.  Black walnut stock is solid with no cracks or splits.  Stock flat retains sharp edges and also shows a single, light government cartouche at right corner.  Wood surface not cleaned.  Screws not buggered up.  Longarm retains both swivels as well as its original but unmarked leather musket sling.

    A very fine, scarce representative Cadet Model 1855 Springfield rifle-musket.

    Inventory Number: RIF 031