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    Original Civil War Era Cigar - These cigars were from a previously sealed Civil War dated cigar box.  The box was marked by the Firm of Keinert's, bearing the information, "Made in 1860."  The box also retained the large revenue stamp of the same date.  Each cigar stick is priced at $20 and comes with Certificate of Authenticity and is guaranteed authentic for its lifetime.

    Cigars were the king of sutler wares.  Cigars were consumed more than any other commodity.  Processing of tobacco into products for smoking was a huge business in nineteenth-century America.   If you are interested in purchasing a larger quantity of cigars, please contact us directly.

    The estimates of  how many domestic cigar factories were operating before the Civil War vary, but a conservative estimate made in 1860 says there were at least 1,478 cigar factories and 8,000 people employed nationwide, 9% of whom were women.  1860-1870 is the decade the American Cigar Industry was “born” when in 1863 the Federal Government began making the ground rules for cigar makers: quantities of tobacco, type of boxes, number of cigars in packages, notices, warnings, taxes and tax stamps, signs, moving tobacco, selling tobacco, licenses, employee bonds...the rules of the game-business.  There was an absence of rules governing quality, selling to children, or truth in advertising.  It’s that “anything goes advertising” that makes this industry so fascinating.

    Inventory Number: CAM 122