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  • Civil War Seven Pines Battlefield Cane Made by Battlefield Guide J.E. Lyne

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    Civil War Battlefield Soldier-Made Cane from 7 Pines - Outstanding and original, ca1880's Seven Pines Battlefield Relic, Walking Stick made and sold by Confederate Civil War Captain turned Battlefield Guide James E. Lyne. This cane is made of wood taken from the "center of the Seven Pines Battlefield" in Henrico County, Virginia.  This Civil War relic was carved from a Pine tree left partially standing after the Battle of Seven Pines.

     The Cane measures approx. 36" long overall and is fashioned from a tree limb. There is a portion of the shaft near the top that has had the bark removed creating a vertical blank with hand written text that reads "Cut in the center of 7 Pines Battlefield where 15,000 Soldiers were Killed May 31st." J.E. Lyne, Guide.

    During the Civil War James E. Lyne was a Confederate Captain who fought and survived the Battle of Seven Pines. After the War he became a very well known Battlefield Guide at the location of the Battle of Seven Pines - he also owned a "Relic Shack" / Souvenir Stand near the Battlefield. There exists a postcard published by Seven Pines Battlefield over 30 years after the war which shows Captain James E. Lyne, identified as a "Veteran soldier, government and battlefield guide" standing in front of his relic shop, described as a "veritable storehouse of interesting mementos which he has been gathering for the past 35 years". (this Postcard is not included in this sale).

    The entire cane is fashioned from a single piece of wood.  Over and above the Folk Art qualities of this wonderful Relic Cane, it also represents a poignant Confederate Civil War Veteran’s tribute to those who fought valiantly at the Battle of Seven Pines.

    There are no “cartoonish” heads of Union Generals nor Encampment “Souvenir” carvings - just the quiet, respectful tribute to a Soldier’s respect and allegiance - an understated and sublime artifact that only one who “saw the Elephant“” at Seven Pines could truly would appreciate.

    This wonderful, Civil War Battlefield Relic Cane is in very good condition with a beautiful warm and rich age patina.  There are no  breaks, chips, damage or repairs of any kind to the wood. Overall this is a very attractive and moving Civil War Relic Cane.