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    Civil War Stethoscope - Inventory Number: MED 101

     An exceptionally rare and important early 1850s initial model antique Cammann binaural stethoscope.  H. G. Kern / Philada. is stamped on the obverse of the yoke.  Kern was a contract supplier of instruments to the Union Army during the Civil War.  During the 1860's his location was at 25 N. 6th in Philadelphia, Pa.  The reverse is marked “14”.  Note the relatively short  tubes, when compared to later Cammann's stethoscopes, and the braided silk  sleeves.  The chest-piece and connectors are turned from horn, and the earpieces are ivory.   The body retains strong traces of gold gilted finish.

    This was the very first commercially available binaural stethoscope, and it was invented by George Cammann, of New York City, in 1852.

    Inventory Number: MED 101