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  • Confederate One Thousand Dollar Bond

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    Confederate Bond One Thousand Dollar Bond -  One CONFEDERATE STATES of AMERICA. LOAN, AUTHORIZED by the ACT of CONGRESS. C.S.A. of AUGUST 19, 1861.  On the first day of January 1880, the Confederate States of America, will pay to the Bearer of this Bond at the Seat of Government, or such place of Deposit as may be appointed by the Secretary of the Treasury, the sum of ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS, with Interest thereon from this date payable at the same place, semi annually at the rate of Eight per Cent per annum on surrender of the annexed Warrants or Coupons.  This debt is authorized by an Act of Congress approved August 19, 1861, entitled, "An Act to authorize the issue of Treasury Notes and to provide a War Tax for their redemption.  Bond was signed Richmond 23rd day of December 1862.  Bond was printed with 30 coupons for interest of FORTY DOLLARS.  Number 1988.  

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