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  • N. P. Ames Contract Model 1833 Dragoon Saber

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    N. P. Ames Contract Model 1833 Dragoon Saber - Ames Model 1833 contract specimen manufactured by the N. P. Ames cutlery firm of Springfield, Massachusetts.  The US regiment of Dragoons organized on March 2, 1833 and a new pattern saber was authorized for their use. The new dragoon saber was closely modeled after the similar British model 1821. The sword was introduced with the three branches on the hilt, this feature appears on all later versions of the cavalry saber.  A brass cover is fitted on top of the grip, grip is lead covered and wrapped in brass wire, wire is loose.   Brass quillon with its disc style end turns toward the blade.  Quillon stamped with “WS” while the face of the guard is marked “HKC. / ORD. 61” Quillion is distinct scroll. The blade features a rounded edge at the top and is not stopped.  Ricasso is engraved in hand script style "NP Ames / Cutler / Springfield, 1837", inspector initials "JM" appear close to the guard, other side of blade is inscribed "United States".

    A fine early dragoon specimen of American blade manufacture worthy of any display or collection.

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