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  • Engraved Southern Cross of Honor 2nd Mississippi

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    Engrave Southern Cross of Honor 2nd Mississippi, J.H. Norton Co. "B"  - Inventory Number: CON 055 

    Finely engraved on the top bar and the face of the medal - "J.H. Norton Co. "B", 2nd Mississippi".

    The Southern Cross of Honor could only be bestowed through the United Daughters of the Confederacy. It could not be purchased; it was given in recognition of loyal, honorable service to the South and only a Confederate veteran could wear it. 

    A metal is in the form of a cross pattée suspended from a metal bar with space for engraving. The award has no cloth ribbon. The obverse displays the Confederate battle flag placed on the center thereof surrounded by a wreath, with the inscription "United Daughters (of the) Confederacy to the U.C.V." (the UCV is the United Confederate Veterans) on the four arms of the cross. The reverse of the medal is the motto of the Confederate States of America, "Deo Vindice" ([With] God [As Our] Vindicator) and the dates 1861 1865 also surrounded by a laurel wreath. The arms of the cross bear the inscription "Southern Cross of Honor".

    Inventory Number: CON 055