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  • Funeral Car Used at the Obsequies of the late President A. Lincoln at Columbus, Ohio, April 29th 1865

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    Funeral car used at the Obsequies of the late President Abraham Lincoln at Columbus, Ohio, April 29th, 1865.  This image shows a view of the funeral cortege in Columbus, Ohio, including the specially built hearse, drawn by six horses.  Lincoln’s funeral obsequies began at 7:00 AM April 29, 1865 through 8:00 PM April 29, 1865 in Columbus, Ohio.  Where the population was approximately 18,554, however funeral attendance has been recorded at 100,000 mourners.  These mourners streamed into Columbus not only from the city but from the surrounding countryside, even coming from as far away as Kentucky. They slowed the funeral procession so much that mounted cavalry needed to clear intersections.  Housed in period frame, frame measures 22 3/8" x 25 1/2". 

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