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Gettysburg Battlefield Relics & Souvenirs

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Gettysburg Battlefield Relics & Souvenirs - Temporarily out of stock 

By: Mike O'Donnell, Charles 'Hap' Hazard, Sue Boardman

Hard Cover, 319 pages 8.75 x 11.25

Contains about 1,000 black & white photos, together with explanatory descriptions. This book offers a mud-eye view of the battlefields material culture. All things are treated equally, from individual bullets that smashed into the boulders of Devils Den to General Meade's sword. Every artifact has been placed along side of others associated with the same time period and/or location on the battlefield. The final chapter examines the products made by the best known makers from the Golden Age of Gettysburg collecting, 1863-1900, a gilded ear when the battlefield was scoured to provide materials for shadow boxes, desk ornaments and similar commercial items.

In the end, this is a simple book with a simple mission: to tell the story of the battle. It aspires though an engaging blend of well documented artifacts and contemporary photographs to tell the compelling story of Gettysburg, for a unique vantage point.

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