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  • Gettysburg June 1913 Anniversary Medal

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    Gettysburg June 1913 Anniversary Medal - Pin is present on the back with maker mark, as is drop down bar, however ribbon in no longer present.  On the front of the pin bar centered between "June" and "1913" is the GAR coat of arms: the Goddess of Liberty in the center, representing loyalty, and on either side stands a soldier and a sailor clasping hands in front of the Goddess to represent fraternity.  Two children are kneeling in the foreground to receive a benediction and the assurance of protection from comrades. This is the symbol of charity.  On each side of this center group are the flag and eagle representing freedom and an ax and a bundle of rods for union.  In the star points are the emblems of different arms of service, bugle for infantry, cannon for artillery, muskets for marines, swords for cavalry, and an anchor for sailors. Surrounding the center is the legend, Grand Army of the Republic, 1861 Veterans -1866, the later date commemorating the close of the war and the founding of the order.

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