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  • U.S. Militia Officers Sword

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    U.S. Militia Officers Sword Ca. 1850 - U.S. Civil War Era.  Very good, original condition. It is mounted with a profusely etched straight blade that measures 25 inches in length which remains nice with only some minor light blemishes. The blade is etched  with floral designs, military trophies, Tecumsseh head, crossed arrows, and the maker "W.H. HORSTMANN & SONS PHILADELPHIA."  The beautiful fluted bone hilt also remains in very good condition and is crowned with a lovely pommel in the image of a Knights Helmet. The langets are of an American shield with thirteen stars on both sides.  The leather scabbard is brass fitted which is solid as well with all the stitching tightly intact, however the base fitting has been squashed. Overall measuring 33 inches in length.


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