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  • Model 1840 Officer's Short Sword

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    Model 1840 Officer's Short Sword - Is in superb condition, with a straight, double-edged, evenly tapered, diamond-shape blade.  The hilt is identical to the 1840 Medical Staff Officers Swords.   The ornate hilt is gilded with highly detailed cast brass and is in three parts; grip, pommel and guard.  Both sides of the grip are cast and show an embossed oval medallion with an American spread winged eagle.  The guard consists of two graceful quillions decorated with leaf motifs, in addition to two shield devices, one on the obverse and another on the reverse side of the hilt is encircled by laurel leaves.  Pommel is pineapple-shaped and secures the tang of the blade.  The scabbard is made of leather and is in excellent condition, with a brass drag.  Nice 1840 Officer's Short Sword with scabbard!

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