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  • Model 1841 Naval Cutlass by Ames

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    Model 1841 Naval Cutlass by Ames - Inventory Number: CBM 001

    The M1841 model of Naval Cutlass was originally patterned after the U.S. M1832 Foot Artillery Sword used by the United States Army until 1870. Additionally, the M1832 Foot Artillery Sword was patterned after and is almost an exact duplicate of the French Model 1816 Foot Artillery Sword.

    The Ames Model M1841 cutlass was a dramatic shift in design for the Navy and this model naval cutlass was not very popular among the enlisted sailors who needed to wield it on pitching and rolling decks. It was heavy and cumbersome at best. As such only 6,600 of these were manufactured between 1841 thru 1847, and was replaced just prior to the Civil War with the popular M1860 naval cutlass for which over 24,000 were produced.  This M1841 Naval Cutlass has an overall length of 26.5" while the straight dual edged blade was at 21" and resembled the Roman Legionaires short sword. An all brass hilt with a grip resembling fish scales or feathers with a D-style knuckle-guard and cup. The pommel had the Federal Eagle on both the right and left sides. The cup or guard has numbers 130 / 5 stamped onto them post-production which designated the rack number where the cutlass was stored aboard the particular ship it was on. Sometimes when you see more than one set of stamps if the cutlass served aboard more than one naval vessel.    

    The M1841 was manufactured by the N.P. Ames Manufacturing Company, and was factory maker mark stamped on the ricasso of the blade in 3 lines, N.P. Ames, Cabotville, Mass.. .  The reverse bears the marking “U.S.N”.

    Inventory Number: CBM 001