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  • Negro Prayer

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    Negro Prayer - Inventory Number: DOC 206

    “Negro Prayer”

    Rare Hand-Written Prayer by a Slave or Free Black.  The prayer references the “War” and “Battles”.

    “O Lord bless de teacher who come so far to struct us in de way to heaven, Rock her in de cradle of love.  Recken de word of power in my heart and dat she may have souls for her hire and many stars in the crown n’ de great gitter up mornin, when de general roll is called and when all de battles is over may she full revired wid victory, be buried wid de honors of war, and rise to wear de long white robe in glory, and walk the shinin strets in silvern slippers, down by the golden sunrise, close de great white throne and dere may she strike glad hands wid all her dear schoars, and praise you O’ God for ever and ever, for Jesus’s sake. Amen."

    Inventory Number: DOC 206