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    Lefauchex Pin-Fire Revolver - Large frame 6-shot.    Used by CS and US soldiers.  The Lefaucheux M1858 was a French military revolver, chambered for the 12 mm pinfire cartridge, based on a design by Casimir Lefaucheux. It was the first metallic-cartridge revolver adopted by a national government. It was first fielded in 1858 by the French Navy, and though never issued by the French Army, it was used in limited numbers by the French Cavalry during their deployment to Mexico in 1862.  During the American Civil War both sides fielded a wide variety of revolvers, including the M1858. The Federal forces purchased over 12,000 M1858 revolvers, primarily supplying them to cavalry forces in 1862.  Among American troops, the pistol was often referred to as the "French" Tranter. 

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