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  • Presentation Snuff Box by General Winfield Scott Hancock

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    Presentation Snuff Box by General Winfield Scott Hancock - Inventory Number: POL 063

    Rare original Civil War Presentation Silver Snuff Box presented from General Winfield Scott Hancock the hero of Gettysburg to Morgan L. Rambo.  The rarity comes direct from a private collection.  Cursory research shows a "Morgin L. Ramboo" from Pennsylvania which General Winfield Scott Hancock was also from.  General Hancock would command the second corps at Gettysburg and be considered the Hero of the Battle.  He was shot off his horse with the bullet and fragments of his saddle lodging deep in his pelvis at Pickett's Charge.  His friend General Armistead would die just yards from his wounding on the battlefield at Gettysburg.  General Hancock would also go on to order the hanging of the Lincoln Conspirators.  The Snuff Box came from a lifelong collection of a Hancock collector to which has passed away.  Measures 3 inches x 2 1/4" x 7/8".  

    Inventory Number: POL 063