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  • Rare Delicate Flowers Collected from the Battle of Gettysburg

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    Extremely Rare Delicate Flowers Collected From the Gettysburg Battlefield - The dried flowers in this arrangement were picked from the Gettysburg Battlefield, days after the Battle.  It was part of a Brown Brothers Auction in York, October, 2015.  The home contained a treasure trove of great Historical ephemera, which once belonged to Nineteenth Century York County attorney, John Gardner.  Purchased from Robert Grabowshi, who attended the sale of the Gardner's family belongings.  The reverse of this arrangement bears an ink note which reads, "Flowers gathered from battlefield morning after Battle of Gettysburg."

    The tiny dried flowers in this miniature 3" splint basket were actually growing in meadows and fields of Gettysburg as the ferocious battle swirled around them.  After the fighting ended they were collected and arranged in a tasteful display, assembled as an object of memory to be marketed to outsiders who came to view the battlefield.  The powerful symbolic contrast between a beautiful flower and the cruelty of the battlefield was appealing to Victorian sediment.  Surely these flowers are stained with the blood of heroes, having witnessed the tragedy that unfolded around them.  Truly a scarce and unique Gettysburg artifact, the first we have encountered in over 20 years of studying and dealing in Civil War artifacts. 

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