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  • Soldier Seeks a Wife - Unique Letter Grouping Belonging to T. S. Oaktree of Company A, 2nd Regiment Virginia Infantry

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    “Soldier Seeks a Wife” - Unique letter grouping in response to a “Singles Ad” published by: T.S. Oaktree of Company “A” 2nd Regt. Va. Infantry” - Seven original responses from various girls responding to his ad and seeking to further a relationship with this soldier.  The content must be read to fully understand the unique nature of this grouping.  Letters are very legible and posess a unique content.  Accompanied by the original envelope with an ink inscription: Answers to Advertisement / T.S. Oaktree Company “A” 2nd Regt. Va. Infantry / May 16th 1863, Weston W. Va.

    Below is are exerts from two of letters:

    "Mr. Oaktree sir (I am not / going to call you dear sir) There is an advertisement / laying before me in which the public are informed / that a certain Mr T S Oaktree, aged twenty, good / looking, good morals, and possessing a competent / portion of the good things of this life, wishes to / open a correspondence with some good, handsome / loving young lady, with a view  to fun, love, or matrimony.  Now Miss Anna Snow wishes / just the same thing with one exception.  Love or / matrimony.  This interesting young lady has / never been in love in her life nor never / intends to be nor does she ever intend to / marry.  Putting all things together I think / us two may just as well correspond but I forgot / to tell you whether I am good, handsome / and so forth."...........  

    "Home Apr. 26th 1863

    Mr. T. S. Oaktree,

    You desire a " correspondent / who is good.  Handsome an "Loving" and will / write with a view to "fun love or matrimony" / I have vanity enough to think I can and  / to the "good" (that is pretty good) - the handsome / we will say nothing about if you please. I / really don't know myself and I never  / had a lover to tell me so that is the / way the girls find out isn't it? The / "loving" I can and to as I am of my / affectionate disposition and you know / that may keep on increasing the more / call there is for its development." .. 

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