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  • Starr Army Revolver

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    Starr Army Revolver - Marked "STARR ARMS Co. NEW YORK" Serial #16632. 

    This revolver, one of the best and most "modern" revolvers of the Civil War era, was produced in .36 and .44 calibers, in both single and double action.  By 1865, the Starr Arms Company had delivered 58,000 of their revolvers to the Federal Government.  The weapons saw service in every theater of the war and were also issued to the U.S. Naval Atlantic Blockade squadron.  Although used by both Federal and Confederate troops, there are three Union Cavalry regiments known to have used them during the Battle of Gettysburg: The 3rd Indiana, the 8th Pennsylvania, and the 1st Vermont which saw action directly in front of the Devil's Den. 

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