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  • The President's House, Washington

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    The President's House, Washington Ca. 1860 - Steel engraving mounted in a nice period frame.  Overall frame measures 17 1/2" x 13 5/8".  This early depiction of the Whitehouse was drawn by H. Brown, and engraved by J. Andrews.  The design contest for a permanent home for the President was won by James Hoban and the cornerstone laid in 1792. It was not quite completed when John Adams became its first occupant in 1800. Thomas Jefferson hired Benjamin Latrobe to make some alterations to the house during his presidency. After the British burned the house in 1814, leaving only the outer sandstone walls standing, James Madison hired Hoban to supervise the reconstruction, and it was then first painted white to cover the smoke marks. Known by several names, including the one attached to this pattern, it did not officially become the White House until Teddy Roosevelt had the name emblazoned on his stationery in 1901.

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