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U.S. Army & Militia Canteens 1775-1910 Hardcover


U.S. Army & Militia Canteens 1775-1910 Hardcover

by Mike O'Donnell

ISBN-10: 0967073170

Hard cover, 300 pages

U.S. Army & Militia Canteens 1775-1910 by Mike O'Donnell. This is the long awaited, third edition of Mike O'Donnell's canteen book. This fascinating study backed by beautiful surviving specimens, is a valuable reference to both collector and re-enactor alike.

There are more than 500 photographs in this highly detailed study of early American military canteens. The various types carried during the Revolution are pictured and described as never before, both tin and wood. The wooden War of 1812 pattern canteens are fully examined as are the tin drum canteens issued to the U.S. Army during the Mexican War. This book contains the most complete chronology of the development of the oblate spheroid canteens beginning in 1848, mass-produced during the Civil War and reissued for the Spanish-American War. All known manufacturers are identified along with the details of their contracts. A separate list of the suppliers and a full index are provided in the back. This will be the standard canteen reference book for the foreseeable future.

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