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  • 1855 Cartridge Box

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    1855 Cartridge Box - Inventory Number: LEA 362

    This Civil War leather accoutrement is a Federal Pattern of 1855 rifle musket cartridge box used to hold forty, .58 caliber paper cartridges. Brass US “box” plate is present. This cartridge box was the type issued to Federal infantry through the 1860’s.

    The large outer flap has its oval, brass box plate with a bordered rim with two letters “US” on the face. The fine condition plate has acquired a very pleasing patina. Plate is secured on the inside of the flap with piece of thread. Sewn to the outer flap, in a straight line, is the leather closure latch tab. This tab is supple and intact. A pointed brass finial on the box bottom was used to secure the tab. The outer flap exhibits moderate cracking to the finish.

    The implement pouch on the inside is complete but stiff and also exhibits finish loss. The inner retains both of the side “ears”. The two cartridge tins are missing.

    Both of the japanned black roller buckles that secure the shoulder strap to the bottom of the box remain. The backside of box has both belt and strap loops present.

    This is a nice example of the M1855 cartridge box is a good displayable example of Civil War infantry equipment.

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    Inventory Number: LEA 362