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  • 1855 Pistol Carbine / SOLD

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    1855 Pistol Carbine - Inventory Number: RIF 115 / SOLD

    The Model 1855 Pistol-Carbine was the last single-shot pistol produced as an issue arm for U.S. troops. Slightly more than 4,000 were manufactured at the U.S. Armory in Springfield, Massachusetts. They employed the same Maynard primer system and .58 caliber ammunition as that used in the U.S. Model 1855 Rifle-Musket. These convertible arms were intended for use as a pistol by cavalrymen, and when fitted with the detachable shoulder stock, they could be used as a carbine by dismounted troops.

    Very good unaltered example with its original shoulder stock with matching patina.  The pistol and stock show evidence of always having been together as a set.  The barrel is bodily dated 1855 just behind the folding rear sight.  The lockplate is marked: “U.S. Springfield” and dated 1856.  The metal exhibits a smooth even patina as does the stock.  The reverse of the stock has a neat addition of where a Civil War coin was affixed in an inlayed channel and held in place by wax which now bears its mirror image.  A very scarce and historic American military weapon.

    Inventory Number: RIF 115 / SOLD