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  • 1864 Wallpaper Book Page Printed in Mobile, Alabama / SOLD

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    1864 Wallpaper Book Page Printed in Mobile, Alabama - Inventory Number: CON 277 / SOLD

    Scarce front page or “wrapper” printed on wallpaper by Sigmund Heinrich Goetzel, an Austrian born bookdealer, paper maker, and publisher in Mobile, Alabama from the 1850s through the Civil War. Because of the scarcity of many goods throughout the south during the war and the inability of most people to afford luxury items, Goetzel used wallpaper that was gathering dust on his shelves as book wrappers from 1863-1865. This example is from his 1864 publication on Joseph II And His Court: Volume III by L. Muhlbach. In many cases, each volume of multi-volume works was issued with wallpaper wrappers, and these books had the wrappers ripped off for rebinding into a single volume. This example measures 7 ¼” by 3 ¾” and has a tear running part way across the front. An interesting artifact that exhibits the scarcities in the Confederacy during the war.  

    Comes housed in a 8 x14 inch display case with red velvet backing and descriptive card.

    Inventory Number: CON 277 / SOLD