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  • Federal Parrott 30 Pound Flat-Nose / SOLD

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    Federal Parrott 30 Pound “Flat – Nose” / SOLD

    DIAMETER:  4.1 inches

    GUN: 30-pounder Parrott Rifle, 4.2 inch Caliber 

    LENGTH: About 9 5/8 inches
    WEIGHT: About 30 pounds 8 ounces

    CONSTRUCTION: Bolt                   

    SABOT: Brass, Type 1

    FUZING: None

    A flat nosed bolt with the type 1 band.  This sabot was almost inevitably thrown with guns of this caliber.   The pictured specimen was recovered from the Port Hudson, Louisiana battlefield.   In an effort to help with the sabot taking the rifling a cold chisel was used between the sabot and iron base.

    Inventory Number: ART 033 / SOLD